October Amethyst (octoberamethyst) wrote in wax_on,
October Amethyst

karate kid II soundtrack / Bill conti

Hi, I'm new here.

Over the past couple of years I've tried and failed to get a mp3 of "Bill Conti - Love Theme From The Karate Kid Part II" sometimes titled "karate kid 2 - tea ceremony"

I know its floating around online somewhere. But I'm having no luck in getting it for myself.
Could some kind soul out there please upload this for me?

I got so desperate I even brought the karate kid II DVD... I'm looking for the actual soundtrack version. The only place I found online where I can order a bootleg of the soundtrack is now defunct. I've tried all fileshare programs I could find as well. But Nothing. So please if anyone has this, could you please please upload this for me?

Take Care.
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