Katiecakes (wellitywellity) wrote in wax_on,

*stumbles in*

Ooh, Karate Kid community!

My cousin and I had this weird little joke about the Karate Kid...

Mr Miyagi: Now Daniel-San, pants on, pants off-
Daniel: But Mr Miyagi!
My Miyagi: No ask question!

Yeah, we have sick minds. What are you gonna do about it?

  • thanks

    to whom ever created this community thanks or should I say "Arigato!" ♥ it! I'm Kitten age 47. Any one have Hillary Swank icons? *hopes*

  • Karate Kid websites?

    Can anyone recommend any good Karate Kid fansites for info and screen caps?

  • "Finish Him!!"

    Seems a little quiet in here but just wanted to say "hello" and add that I too have a fond love of the Karate Kid movies. Along side the Reeve…

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