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Have any of you ever read the book 'Fantasy Dream Date'? It was some cheesy Scholastic book that my cousin found at a garage sale and it's hilarious - stories written about girls meeting their 'fangirl crushes' in unlikely situations. At the time, the 'heart throbs' were Usher, Taylor Hanson and James van der Beek, but it just makes the book funnier.

So anyway, one day whilst on a mad high my cousin and I wrote our very own version with Ralph Macchio. Hope you like it XD

WARNING: LJ Cuts don't like me. Sorry if it's screwed.

For The Glory of Love

Ralph and Alyssa


Alyssa slung her karate bag into the backseat of her Mom’s car. She had just finished practise and was exhausted. Why was it so hard to get those crane and drum moves right? She’d seen Ralph Macchio do it dozens of times and he made it look so easy and graceful. But then again he had a teacher like Miyagi when all she had was Sensei Tamogotchi, who came across rather robotic and cube-like in his teachings. Something told Alyssa however, that Ralph Macchio himself would be a great teacher. Although he looked like a teenage boy, he was actually a grown man!

     “Why do you look so sad?” asked her Mom. “It’s your birthday party tomorrow don’t forget. And I have a special treat for you.”

     “Sorry Mom, I’m just having real trouble mastering the drum technique. I wish I was as good as Ralph Macchio.”

     “But Ralph Macchio doesn’t know any karate,” responded her mother unkindly. “He’s merely an actor who was taught the basics to play a role in a movie. And the drum technique was entirely fictional.”

     As they pulled into the driveway, Alyssa groaned in response to her mom’s sceptical bananas. She also wondered why her mother bothered to pick her up from the Tamogotchi dojo when the building was adjacent to their home.

♥ ♥ ♥

The next morning she got up early, almost forgetting that it was her birthday in her rush to get to the patented Miyagi stump that had been erected for her previous birthday. As she practised the crane, however, she began to wonder what the special treat her mother had eluded to might be. She didn’t have to wonder for long, as soon a mysterious van ploughing through the misty dawn pulled up beside the house. Through the fog she could make out the words ‘Bonsai Bargain Bin’ in green lettering on the side. Of course, it was just like her mother to order a bonsai tree for her present! In her excitement she fell off the stump.

     “Damn, that would never happen to Ralph,” she thought. She scampered back into the house to clean the mud from her Rising Sun bandana that was similar to the one made popular by Daniel La Russo.

♥ ♥ ♥

“Darling,” her mom called as Alyssa stepped out of the shower, “there’s someone I’d like you to meet.”

     “Why would I want to meet some crusty old bonsai delivery person?” Alyssa wondered as she wandered in a towel into the living room. Immediately she wished she had at least put some pants on.

     For there - silhouetted against the Japanese paper window (that had been the previous, previous birthday present) - was a gorgeous informal upright and holding it in his boyish hands was the doe eyed, pillow lipped ‘youth’ of her dreams, Ralph Macchio! He was also gorgeous, also standing upright, and, with his high waisted pants and pink and black tartan shirt was certainly fashionably informal (for the early eighties). As usual his hair was abundant and his teeth adorably crooked as he smiled at her.

     “Happy birthday from me and your Ma,” he said. Alyssa clutched the sideboard, knocking over the imitation Miyagi medals of honour that her father had fashioned as a Christmas present. He used the word Ma!  Just like in the movies…

     “Isn’t he a nice surprise?” asked her mother. “When I ordered your bonsai I never dreamed the delivery ‘boy’ would be so… appropriate.”

     “I decided to open a bonsai store in my retirement,” said Ralph in his teen idol adolescent pseudo-man voice.  “I got the idea from a movie I was in.  Hey, your Ma says you’re having trouble with your karate moves.  I’d love to help you after a long day of chatting on the beach and looking into each other’s eyes.  I’ll wait until you’ve put some pants on.  Then we can go to dinner with a good friend of mine who is surprisingly close to my age – my mentor Mr. Morita.  I don’t know his first name.”

     Could this be the best birthday ever? If Ralph was truly The Best, all she had to do was Listen to Her Heart and the Glory of Love would truly be hers.

     “Arigato,” she whispered.  “Arigato.”

     “Huh?” said Ralph.


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