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"Finish Him!!"

Seems a little quiet in here but just wanted to say "hello" and add that I too have a fond love of the Karate Kid movies. Along side the Reeve Superman movies, I watched the Karate Kid movies over and over as a kid and even now still love to watch them!

Daniel is the reason I took up Karate as a kid, seriously! Although now I've switched to kickboxing.

Can anyone here recommend any good Karate Kid websites so I can wallow in nostalgia?

  • thanks

    to whom ever created this community thanks or should I say "Arigato!" ♥ it! I'm Kitten age 47. Any one have Hillary Swank icons? *hopes*

  • Karate Kid websites?

    Can anyone recommend any good Karate Kid fansites for info and screen caps?

  • karate kid II soundtrack / Bill conti

    Hi, I'm new here. Over the past couple of years I've tried and failed to get a mp3 of "Bill Conti - Love Theme From The Karate Kid Part II"…

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