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Hey! It doesn't seem to me that this community is at all very active, but I'll post anyway, since this is the only one I found. lol. No one likes Karate Kid? What the hell? Hee hee hee.
When I was a kid I thought it was the most boring movie ever, but now that I'm growing up, I think it's pretty amazing. Ralph M[insert correct spelling here] was really good in that film, but he's not doing well in most of his other stuff. I don't think he is, anyway.
I absolutely adore Mr. Miyagi. He's the coolest old guy in the world. He's just a big box of wisdom! lol. I have a thing for Eastern culture. I'm SLOWLEY working my way up to meditation and all. It's not easy for me. My mind just does not work that way. Neither does my body, for that matter. lol. Anyway, I hope someone will check back here and find me, otherwise, I'll have to go find people to discuss the greatest movie (second best, though) of all time with. :)

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Daniel is my hero!!!

Hello everyone! My name is Ramsey and the Karate Kid is my favorite movie of all time!!!!!! I'm new to LJ too! Anyone want to be friends?


It is so cool to see a community dedicated to such a worthy film!


Hello! Im girl from Finland. When I was little we were watching Karate Kid with my brother and now I have those as dvd. I love some intelligent comments what Miyagi said. He is my favourite character. And of course I thought Ralph is cute already when I was child :) I hate Johny and his karate teacher. I wish there wouldnt be people like them in world.

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Hey, just joined this site today. it looks pretty kewl on here though there appears to be few livejournal users who are karate kid fans! i've liked the film for years but recently i've been getting more and more into it. my favorite character is johnny, i'm a big fan of william zabka. If anyone could tell me about any good fan sites, or sites i can find pictures from i would appreciate it! Courtney.
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Just joined...

Happy Holidays! :)

I joined yesterday and I already love it!  I've been a fan of Ralph Macchio's since The Karate Kid II was on the big screen, when I was merely 7. ;)  Since then I have collected all of his movies and even kept some of the teenie mags he was in from the '80s. :)

For a year or so I've owned the Ralph Macchio fanlisting, On the Edge of a Dream (approved by thefanlistings.org.) 

The title is from my favorite Ralph movie, Teachers... maybe because I'm a teacher myself? :)  You're welcome to drop by and join if you'd like. :)

Have a wonderful new year... I'm looking forward to new posts! :)

♥ sacha
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hey yo--

i'm new and the karate kid is the best movie ever made...
i had a tiny, well huge obsession with ralph about a year ago..
i had pictures everywhere...i memorized his adress...oh god it was an obsession.
but its over now and i still love kk and its crazy antics, miyagi is definetly a
comedian. allright folks later--


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hey, i'm new and i have a question that i hope you all can answer. I'm writing a paper about a teacher of mine who used The Karate Kid in a lesson he tought me..but the paper is due on monday. i need to know what kind of car Daniel picks at the end of the movie when Miyagi gives him a car to take to the dance.

please help!